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Office Break Room

After a boring meeting, several hours at your desk, or just getting ready for lunch, people in the office need a place to go for a break.

A pre-built scene subset with all of the props sized and in place

Walls, floor, and ceiling that can be scaled so you can add or change the layout of the break room

Cabinets, countertops, and the sink are separate props that, again, allow for some customization of your break room layout

Props and figures of conveniences that you would expect to find in an office break room (e.g., coffee maker, microwave, vending machines, large refrigerator)

Break room furniture is included.

If you’re looking for a place for your office workers to take a break, the Office Break Room is just the place!

Professor’s Office

A small, fully furnished office currently used by a teaching professor.
The office comes with a desk, executive leather chair, filing cabinets, guest chair, bookshelves, book sets*, assorted office desk props and document frames for the walls.
The office is comprised of four walls, ceiling, lights, switch, outlets. The included full office scene includes 3 cameras and corresponding Iray planes, an ambient light source ceiling plane (similar to ghost light) as well as all props loaded, posed and textured.
* The book set is a set of 8 books in a set, with 12 poses and 12 texture presets to create bookshelves of books quickly. Included is a Photoshop .psd file used in creation of one of the texture sets. Each book in the set of 8 is an individual group (bone) so additional changes can be made easily.

Mobile Home

Go back in time with an old style Mobile Home trailer. This is a model of a single-wide, two bedroom mobile home that you may have seen populated in trailer parks around the country a few decades ago.

The trailer is modeled as one unit with wall and roof sections separately grouped so you can turn the visibility on/off as necessary. Included is a basic trailer plot that includes a cover over the front door steps, a sidewalk, driveway, front and back steps, and a fence in the rear. Basic furnishings you’d expect in a 1970s trailer are included as well.

This set is part of the Livin’ the Dream bundle.

Daily Routine Office

Daily Routine Office

This is a set of light-weight models to build a “common” modular office setting. A full office set is included which includes a conference room, 16 cubicles (comprising overhead cabinet, light fixtures, flip-up power outlets, and name plates). The set includes the individual props and prop-sets to make a custom configuration: ceiling panels, floor panels, wall sections, cubicle pieces (plus sets for a 1 cube, 2 cube, and 4 cube configuration). Props include morphs to adjust sizes in logical steps, so that textures aren’t “stretched” when you adjust a prop to a standard morphs adjustment. There are scene subsets that group normal ceiling panels with emitting panels that allow lighting the scene with emitting props by applying appropriate transparency maps to the ceiling panel (included material presets offer 10 ceiling panel light configurations).

Also includes a .psd file for creating name plates with your own names using the included background texture.

Camp Dining Hall

Camp Dining Hall

The third entry in the Youth Camp Series. The Dining Hall includes a paneled dining hall, kitchen and serving area, two storage rooms and another room that can be used for storage (or add a toilet/sink that you may already own and make it a restroom).

The set includes two styles of tables with corresponding seating (bench or stackable chair). The building itself is configured as a figure so walls, floor, roofs/ceilings can individually be hidden for easier rendering. All doors and windows open/close and have knobs/latches the move appropriately.

There are plenty of props for preparing, serving, and preparing food.

Common Shower House

Common Shower House

Even at camp, the needs for keeping clean and taking care of yourself don’t go away. The common shower house and restroom building is provided as place to do just that.

A simple brick structure on a concrete slab foundation the building has two sides—one for the boys/men and the other for the girls/women. A scene subset is provided that places the appropriate fixtures (toilets, sinks, mirrors, showers, benches, towel hooks, and urinals on the boy’s side) in place and correct signs on the doors.

Every prop has texture sets and Material presets for both Iray and 3Delight.

This is the second in a planned set of buildings and props for the Youth Camp collection.

Camper’s Cabin

Camper's Cabin

At the summer youth camp, kids stay in a cabin with other campers. This cabin is modeled and textured based on the hundreds of cabins to be found throughout the land.

Simple construction of standard lumber and wood, the cabin can hold up to eight campers who can sleep in the bunk beds included. Cubicles are provided for the storage of gear, as well. The foundation is simple pier and post, and each post length can be adjusted so the cabin can fit on any terrain prop (including the one that comes with the model.) The door and windows are made of screen to allow for ventilation.

Every prop in the set includes a texture set created for Iray–including the fluorescent light fixtures which are textured to act as emitters–allowing the interior to render “as is”.

This is the first in a planned set of buildings and props for the Youth Camp collection.

Science Classroom

Science Classroom

Let’s learn about science!

This is a set of props to build a high-school or college science classroom. Included are cabinets and work areas at which to conduct experiments, classroom tables and chairs for normal classroom instruction, a teacher’s desk, and room sections that can be used to build the classroom itself. The set includes a microscope, test tube and holder, books, and a flask.

Designed for Poser 2014 and DAZ Studio 4.7and above.

Exam Room

Exam Room

This set is completely modular, each wall, the floor, and the ceiling being an independent prop. There are cabinets (both wall and floor models), a trash can, a set of blinds, and wall mounted paper towel dispenser, and magazine rack.

Other included props to use in the room include an examination table, doctor’s stool, visitor chair, scale.